Who am I? (For a better readability from a third person view)

Benjamin was born in Hamburg, Germany, where he still lives. When he finished school his parents told him to study and get a safe job. He did so – except for the safe job part.

In the end of 2012, after a year of being an Assistant Producer in a film production company, he decided to do more creative stuff. Data Wrangling and DIT jobs followed and today he’s a Colorist. His skill set combines a degree in media economics and journalism (which isn’t important for his job, but his parents were happy about that), knowledge of almost every codec, format and its particular challenges and last but not least a strong passion for every kind of moving images. This brought him to 360° virtual reality content in the summer of 2015. After first steps in this particular new area, projects for major brands like RedBull, BMW and KIA Motors followed and since mid 2016 he also works as a VR supervisor & consultant for every single step in VR productions.


Since 2015 he has his own suite near the world famous Reeperbahn red light district in Hamburg. Equipped with a state of the art Assimilate Scratch based grading system, a Sony OLED reference monitor and more Terabytes of high speed storage than can be counted on your fingers. On top his suite is currently one of only a very few places in Germany where virtual reality footage up to 8k can be graded with real time 360 degree preview. Besides VR content, of course classic content can be graded as well.

Since early 2017 there's also a NUKE X with Cara VR in one corner of the room, which gives the possibility to stitch almost every 360° shot in awesome quality.

In addition to a grading in his space you can also book him for sessions in your favorite post house, if it has either a Scratch or a DaVinci Resolve system installed.


Samsung, RedBull, Google, Audi, Seat, BMW, Kia, Edeka, Philips, Innogy, Varta, Continental, VR Bank, Panasonic, Olympus, Adika, Hapag-Lloyd, tesa, ARTE, TripRebel and others


Serviceplan, Jung von Matt, Philipp & Keuntje, Cheil, GGH Lowe, GROSSE LIEBE, Nest One, Heye, RCKT. and others
DoP's / Directors

Peter Funch, Ian Foster, Alexander Friedrich, Colin Larsen, Danny Podeus, Dima Lochmann, Elen Aivali, Felix Storp, Filip Piskorzynski, Florian Kirchler, Jan Brockmann, Johannes Engeln, Justus Becker, Lennart Brede, Leonard Garner, Marc Bethke, Marcus Richardt, Mario Feil, Martin Schlecht, Matan Radin, Maximilian Kempe, Mike Beims, Philip Mall, Ralph Loop, Sin Huh, Tom Schuenemann, Valentin Angerer and others
Systems for Film

Assimilate Scratch
DaVinci Resolve

Systems for VR

Assimilate Scratch VR Suite
Nuke Cara VR
Kolor AP Suite

Z-Cam S1
Entaniya Back-Bone Car Rig
GoPro Omni