CUPRA - E-Racer

CUPRA is shaping the future of racing by bringing the E-Racer to the tracks. The new ETCR, the worlds first ever multi-brand electric touring car championship, will have technical regulations based on this CUPRA E-Racer.

Dir/DoP Kai Klinke @kaiklinke

Agency Rebel @rebel_productions_com
Service Production MyWay @myway_productions


I colored this CUPRA Film in two versions. What you see above is the DC version. It’s much shorter than the original aired one, but the director Kai Klinke and I kept the same color palette. The whole project was graded in dirty race sport colors like red, black and white with a hint of a warm sun. We also painted in a lot of colored gradients to shape the race track. This is how the images became even more dynamic.

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