DATEV - Aussendienst

DATEV was founded in 1966 and today is one of Europe’s largest information service providers and software development companies. The cooperative’s products are made for tax consultants, auditors, and attorneys, as well as their clients.

Dir. Justus Becker @justusbecker_
DoP Christian Huck @christianhuckdop
Agency Publicis Pixelpark @publicisgroupe
Production 27km @27km


After coloring the 2018 german industry film price winner for DATEV, director Justus Becker asked me to join the production team for this project again. Together with DoP Christian Huck he shot a moody low light atmosphere, which we kept in the grading process. I simply dialed in a desaturated sligthly green-warmish flat look to connect all three settings and convert it into similar but at the same time different worlds.

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