Yes, I've also got a space in a place. It's called Harbour and it's great!

Harbour is a hub for creative people to meet and work together. Harbour is not a company. It's a bunch of saucy artists completed by nerdy programmers. A sound engineer, a colourist and a web developer run the place. We work with classic agencies, production companies and post-houses as well as directly with brands. Completely white label! We’ve got a grading / mastering suite and a sound studio that both meet the industry standard and we’d like to share them with you. Any time, any day. Everyone is welcomed for coffee or after-work drinks. This is Harbour!

Equipment on site:

Color Grading
Our HDR color grading suite is equipped with:
1000 nits Eizo Prominance dual layer LCD reference monitor (one of just a few in Germany)
2x 27" Eizo CG Series GUI Monitors
Blackmagic Design Advanced Resolve Panel
2.1 Sound System

56 Core CPU
2x NVidia RTX 2080 Ti GPU
16TB High Speed SSD RAID

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio
Assimilate Scratch VR Suite
Our compositing setup includes:
2x 27" Eizo CG Series GUI Monitors
2.1 Sound System
Wacom XL Tablet

56 Core CPU
2x NVidia RTX 2080 Ti GPU
16TB High Speed SSD RAID

The Foundry Nuke Studio
Mocha Pro
Mistika VR
Unreal Engine
all Adobe CC Products
Sound Design
Our Soundstudio setup includes:
27" Apple GUI
40" client preview
Adam A77X stereo monitoring (surround on request)

RME Fireface UFX
Moog Subsequent 37
Korg Prologue 8
SPL Vitalizer mk2-T
SPL Frontliner

Speaking booth:
Neumann U87Ai
Electrovoice RE20
Shure SM 7B

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate
iZotope Ozone 9 advanced
Waves Broadcast & Production
Waves Gold
Logic Pro X
Because we take our clients' opinion very seriously, we offer:
ftrack online client review + feedback tool (AES-256 data encryption)
live connection into color grading feed via Skype (AES-256 Rijndael encrpytion)
Physical intrusion:
VdS Alarm + CCTV System (VdS 2344:2014-07 + 3438:2013-07)
HDD/SSD Safe (VDMA24992 B + DIN EN 14450 S2)

Digital intrusion on site:
Airbus Defence + Space Stormshield Firewall (EU restricted + OTAN/NATO restricted + CC EAL4+)
Triple redundant internet connection

Digital intrusion off site:
All backuped files are encrypted by an RSA and AES256 algorithm before uploaded through a SSL/TLS AES128 tunnel into a european off site cloud storage, which itself meets ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, 22301

Whatever your needs, let's talk!

Papenhuder Str. 10, 22087 Hamburg, Germany